Lu Review: Fast & Free Full Length Tight Non-Reflective 28"

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Lu Review | Volume 2: Fast & Free Full Length Tight Non-Reflective 28”

Em here, reporting for Lu Review, round two. If you read my first review - aka a glowing review of the In Movement Tight, you might have high hopes for this one as well. While I love sharing my thoughts and opinions on this topic, I wish I could give these tights as much love. But I just can’t…

The Scoop:

Item: Fast & Free Full Length Tight Non-Reflective 28"

My Star Rating: 3.5 Stars

Fit: Ok, so the fit is the main reason I’m not giving these tights 5 stars. I’m used to feeling hugged, secure and firm in my Lulus. Which is basically why I buy them. The website even states that these tights

“Keep You Feeling Covered And Secure”

Hmm. They don’t. Or at least compared to all my other tights they don’t. Don’t get me wrong - I still wear them. I just find myself not wearing them AS MUCH as I wear my other faves. Bottom line - I should have maybe sized down (which I never do). I ordered these online and thus did not try them on. AND when I ordered them there were NO REVIEWS yet. I know… I learned my lesson. But hey, can’t blame a girl for wanting to be a pioneer!

I didn’t realize I didn’t love the fit until after I’d worn them a couple times so I didn’t return them.

Favorite Features:

  • Pockets (duh)

  • High waist

  • The raw hem at the bottom is lightweight and something different

  • Color - I broke out of my black box and got the True Navy

Preferred Activity: I probably wear these the most for spin class or strength training. I am a little more self conscious being up front in them for squats since they are not as supportive and maybe a little more see-through?

Areas for Improvement: Sizing. I am a tried and true 4 at Lululemon, but these did not line up. There is bunching in the crotch area and they are looser on my but… which is not the norm. Baby got back..

Have you tried these tights? What has your experience been with sizing?