Friday Favorites: Travel Edition

Ah, Friday Favorites. I have missed this.

If you followed my greeting card company with my sister (Scotch & Roux), you are no stranger to Friday Favorites. But if you are, let me fill you in…

Every-ish Friday, Kate and I would post our five favorite things for the week. Sometimes there was a theme, sometimes there wasn’t. We do what we want. Fast forward a few months and major life update: Kate just gave birth to my ADORABLE nephew, and Scotch and Roux has been put on hold…Downsizing a little from website to Etsy shop for now (but more on that later).

But alas! Friday Favorites must prevail! And will live here on Em Matthews indefinitely. So let’s get to it!

FRIDAY FAVORITES: TRAVEL EDITION (inspired by my current trip to WA!)

A TRUSTY BACKPACK. Because the handsfree life truly is for everyone. No lie, I kinda had backpacks strictly in the student and mom of toddlers category, but I ate those words last year when I made up my mind to finally start packing smart. I’m a grown up now(?) so it’s time. I’m basically not without a laptop (ever), so a backpack with a padded pocket was a MUST. I also still (obviously) needed to make a fashion statement, so I wasn’t in the market for just ANY backpack. The good news: I found a sleek, black little number from Lululemon that I LOVE. Checks all the boxes: Black, duh, padded pocket, adjustable, stylish and SO EASY to wipe off/clean. The bad news: It’s been discontinued. BUT MORE GOOD NEWS: There are two very similar options that check the same boxes. You can check them out here and here.

COMFY SHOES. Hi, I’m Emily. I’m 29 years old and I’m a grandma in the shoe department. If it’s not supportive, I’m not interested. My lower back just can’t anymore. So talk to the hand, cute Target flats.

With that off my chest, I can now tell you that I have found the perfect ratio of cute/comfy travel shoes. Which, side note, am I the ONLY one who didn’t know Adidas was making a comeback? Last time I owned a pair was the year 1999. So there’s that. These shoes are made of something called cloud foam, which is totally appropriate because when you wear them YOU ARE WALKING ON CLOUDS. I have these black ones, but am also very tempted to get them in white. They go great with yoga pants, but totally work with jeans too.


BOOKS. This might not be the case for everyone, but I love to read when I travel. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more, and I actually have a book club with my sister. I breeze through the fiction ones, on our list, but the self-help or improvement take a lot more time. Gotta take small bites on those.

For travel, I’m sticking to fiction. I don’t want to be diving deep down into my soul while wedged up next to some stranger who thinks our arms touching on the arm rest is fine. I’ve just finished reading Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine (SO GOOD!) and I always pack an Agatha Christie for good measure (my friend has an AMAZING Agatha blog and I am totally hooked).


AWAY BAG. I don’t own this one yet, but it’s happening. Only a matter of time. I legit want to meet the genius who thought putting a built-in phone charger in my carry-on suitcase should be a thing. GENIUS. Just go look at it. Then you will have to have it too. Here you go.

JEWELRY TRAVEL CASE. Everyone else wear the same pair of studs every day on vacay because all the cute jewelry they packed is in a giant wadded mess when they get there? Well not anymore! Look out wherever I’m going - Imma be looking cute with all my accessories thanks to this guy. This jewelry organizer/travel case has a place for everything - holes to keeps the studs in place and little snaps for your necklaces. You can be even more fancy and get your initials monogrammed on it if you’re feeling extra. Should be a code to get 15% off your first order with email sign up as well :) You’re welcome.


I could keep this going, but snacks are obviously next on the list and we should all know better by now, not to leave home without them. Hopefully the rest of this list has been helpful! What are your travel must-haves?