Lu Review: In Movement 7/8 Tight *Everlux 25"

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Lu Review | Volume 1: In Movement 7/8 Tight *Everlux 25”

Ok, so I’m starting something new here.

These days does anyone buy anything online without reading reviews? I personally do not. I would very much like to know pre-purchase if the dresser takes four days to assemble or the pants say size four but fit like a zero. I like predictability. And I HATE returns. Sue me.

As a fitness instructor who sweats a lot, teaches 4-5 times a week in various environments (on a bike, group exercise, strength training) and doesn’t really have a reason NOT to wear yoga pants (I work from home…) I feel like I have some credibility here.

A couple years ago I made a decision that changed everything: I bought my first pair of Lululemon leggings. And now my friends, I simply cannot wear anything else. I’ve tasted the luxury and I’m not coming back. I know this might sound dramatic or high maintenance (yes, they are an investment), but when you’re up front teaching and moving all around you like for things to appear firm and stay where they need to. Quality is non-negotiable these days.

ANYWAY, there is the back story/evidence why you should take my opinion seriously and the reason behind these new Lu Review posts. They are basically an in-depth, real world review from someone who is putting this gear to the test daily.

Now, let’s dive in.

Item: In Movement 7/8 Tight Everlux 25"

My Star Rating: 5 Stars!

Fit: True to size. In my experience, if you are between sizes at lulu, go with the smaller one. Better to be a little too tight a little loose. I made this mistake one time. Well, maybe two. More on that later.

These are also 7/8 length so they are not quite full length on me.
I am taller than most - 5’10” so this is where they hit…

Here I am… in the pants with little Fox

Here I am… in the pants with little Fox


Favorite Features: Ok, so real talk… I am a sucker for the Lulu leggings with side pockets and almost didn’t try these since they don’t have them. When you’re trying to walk a Great Dane and a Dachshund you need both hands. But boy, am I glad I was feeling risky. These have great compression, but feel a little more “free” without the pockets.

Other things I love:

  • Compression but still plenty of room to move

  • High waist that STAYS UP (Is there really any other option other than high-waisted?)

  • The seams add nice detail at the bottom without being too much. I like simpler pants.

  • The material somehow feels lighter weight, but once again, still holds everything in place.

  • Keeps the booty looking firm. Squat and lunge approved.

Preferred Activity: Honestly, these pants have become my go-to lately. I find myself reaching for them as soon as they’re clean (which FYI, I wash inside out and do not dry in the dryer because #longevity). They are a great mix of compression and light weight. I can move all around in them and they transition great from working, to the gym and on a walk with the dogs. BUT, if I had to pick ONE activity to do in these pants it would be spin class.

Areas for Improvement: One complaint… it’s not a big one, but I still feel like I should mention. There is a pocket in the inside of the back of the pants. It’s thin (which I like), but if it gets flipped inside out it is a little scratchy. Not a big deal to rearrange, but not sure why they didn’t make it with softer material.

Ok, that’s all I got on the In Movement 7/8 tight.

Have you tried Lululemon? Have you tried THESE pants? I’d love to know your favorites!